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Based on the work of Jon Ingram, whose Transformations – Rotation worksheet is available here. Material modified by BossMaths to show image by default and embedded here under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Rotating a Shape

The green point is the centre of rotation. The green slider changes the angle of rotation. You can move the green and blue points to create different situations.

In exam questions, if the words clockwise or anticlockwise are not mentioned assume that a positive angle represents a rotation in the anticlockwise direction and a negative angle represents a rotation in the clockwise direction.

Investigate the concept of rotation using the visual aid above then try one of the activities below.


Rotation Challenge

Can you recreate the image above? The centre of rotation has been hidden.





Practise your ability to draw reflections, rotations, translations and enlargements online.

The short web address is:


Rotational Symmetry

Common Trig Ratios

Find pairs of shapes with the same order of rotational symmetry.

The short web address is:


Alpha Twist

Trigonometry Advanced

Develop your skills and understanding of rotation in this fast-paced challenge.

The short web address is:


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