There are 366 different Starters of The Day, many to choose from. You will find below some starters on the topic of Geometry. A lesson starter does not have to be on the same topic as the main part of the lesson or the topic of the previous lesson. It is often very useful to revise or explore other concepts by using a starter based on a totally different area of Mathematics.

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Geometry Starters:

Angle Estimates

Estimate the sizes of each of the angles then add your estimates together.

Area Two

How many different shapes with an area of 2 square units can you make by joining dots on this grid with straight lines?

Christmas Tables

Which of the two shapes has the largest area? You will be surprised!

Cross Perimeter

Calculate the distance around the given shape

Dice Reflections

A dice is reflected in two mirrors. What numbers can be seen?


On a full page in the back of your exercise book draw a perfectly regular hexagon.


Memorise a picture made up of geometrical shapes


Find the dimensions of a rectangle given the perimeter and area.


On a full page in the back of your exercise book draw a perfectly regular pentagon.

Polygon Riddle 1

Solve the riddle to find the name of the polygon then sum the interior angles.

Quad Areas

Calculate the areas of all the possible quadrilaterals that can be constructed by joining together dots on this grid.

Reflective Cat

On squared paper copy the drawing of the face then reflect it in three different lines.

Rotational Symmetry

Draw a pattern with rotational symmetry of order 6 but no line symmetry.


Work out which sectors fit together to make complete circles. Knowledge of the sum of the angles at a point will help find more than one correct solution to this puzzle.

Square Angles

Find a trapezium, a triangle and a quadrilateral where all of the angles are square numbers.

Square Circle Kite

Write down the names of all the mathematical shapes you know.

Stair Perimeter

Use the information implied in the diagram to calculate the perimeter of this shape.

Step Perimeter

Is it possible to work out the perimeter of this shape if not all the side lengths are given?


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