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Symmetry Starters:

Dice Reflections

A dice is reflected in two mirrors. What numbers can be seen?

Freemason's Cipher

Find symmetric words in this ancient cipher.

Match Fish

A classic matchstick puzzle designed to challenge your spacial awareness.

Mirror Maths

The bottom half of some symmetrical calculations are shown above. Can you work out the answers?

Reflective Cat

On squared paper copy the drawing of the face then reflect it in three different lines.

Rotational Symmetry

Draw a pattern with rotational symmetry of order 6 but no line symmetry.

Wrapping Paper

Find the order of rotational symmetry of the repeating pattern.



Kite Maths

Kite Maths

Can you make a kite shape from a single A4 size sheet of paper using only three folds?

Pattern Clues

Pattern Clues

An interactive activity challenging you to reproduce a pattern of coloured squares according to given clues.



Name the polygons and show the number of lines and order of rotational symmetry.

Rotational Symmetry Pairs

Rotational Symmetry Pairs

The traditional pairs or pelmanism game adapted to test knowledge of rotational symmetry.



Draw transformations online and have them instantly checked. Includes reflections, translations, rotations and enlargements.


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