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Estimating Starters:

Air Traffic Control

Work out which aircraft are in danger of colliding from their positions and direction of travel. An exercise in understanding bearings.

Angle Estimates

Estimate the sizes of each of the angles then add your estimates together.

Big Bieber

If the dimensions of an object double, its volume increases by a factor of eight.

Big Order

Estimate or calculate then put the large numbers in order of size.

Breathe Easily

How many breaths have you taken in your lifetime?


A game for two players requiring a calculator and thinking skills.


Estimate the lengths of four lines then add your answers together.

Estimating Percentages

Estimate the percentages of full circles and rectangles the sectors represent.

Hot Estimates

Estimate the number of chillies in the photograph.

Moon Lengths

Estimate the distances shown on this photograph of the moon's surface.

Peanuts and Buttons

Two questions involving estimating a quantity.

Pie Chart

An exercise in estimating what the sectors of a pie chart represent.

Positions Please

Stand at the point between the classroom walls to represent a given number.

Red Lines

Either estimate the lengths of the red lines or, if you know how, calculate how long they are.

Second Holiday

Estimate then work out the period of time equal to the given number of seconds.





Estimation is a very important skill. Use this activity to practise and improve your skills.

Estimating Angles

Estimating Angles

Estimate the size of the given acute angles in degrees.

Estimating Percentages

Estimating Percentages

Estimate the percentages represented by the diagrams.

Estimation Golf

Estimation Golf

Play a round of golf using your estimation skills rather than golf clubs.

Rough Answers

Rough Answers

An exercise on rounding values in a calculation to find an approximate estimate of the answer.

Snooker Angles

Snooker Angles

An online game for one or two players requiring an ability to estimate angles as bearings.


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