Paper Construction

This activity needs a good supply of recycled paper and scissors for each person.

Toast Rack

Paper Construction

Can you make the free standing model above using only scissors and paper? It will require some thought and planning. It may also take some 'trial and improvement' so ensure you are using recycled paper.

Olympic Podium

Paper Olympic Podium

Using a similar method as was used for the toast rack above, can you construct an Olympic winners' podium?

Dodecahedral Calendar

Dodecahedral Calendar

Use the net provided here to construct a dodecahedron with this year's calendar printed on it, to display on your desk.

Cube Calendar

A desk Cube Calendar can be made using two cubes to show the day of the month.

Cube Calendar

Kite Maths

With just three folds it is possible to transforman A4 sheet of paper into a beautiful kite. You can find the step by step instructions on our Kite Maths page.


We have a whole section on the mathematics of kites and how they make great classroom displays.

Kite Display

After practising with recycled paper the kite activity can be enhanced by using coloured A3, A4, A5 and A6 sized paper.

Coloured Paper

Christmas Origami

The Christmas tree below was made from one green sheet of A4 paper and then mounted on a red sheet of paper. Can you work out what cutting was required?

Christmas Origami

Map Folding

A nice investigation can be developed around the idea of counting the number of ways a sheet of paper can be folded. There are many different cases to be considered depending on the number and position of the folds.

There are eight ways to fold a 2x2 map along its creases:


The image above is from Robert Dickau, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hexagon Hive

Hexagon Hive

Greeting Cards

Greeting Card Greeting CardGreeting CardGreeting CardGreeting CardGreeting CardGreeting CardGreeting CardGreeting CardGreeting Card

Paper Pentagon

Believe it or not it is possible to fold a pentagon from a piece of A4 size paper.

You can also tie a pentagon-shaped knot in a strip of paper.

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