The Sahotas' Story

Surjit | Mukhtar | Raj | Parkesh | Viyay

THE SAHOTAS originally started performing Asian classical music called Ghazals. During their academic years together John Biddulph head of their schools music department soon realised the brothers musical potential. They entered The National Festival of Youth representing their secondary school Valley Park in Wolverhampton. This resulted in them winning the festival and being one of two acts chosen to perform at the school prom's in 1987 held at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

At this stage of their musical career their were only three member's, Surjit Sahota on vocals, Mukhtar Sahota on keyboards, Raj Sahota on Tabla.THE SAHOTAS recorded their first album, 'Gidda Pao' (which means Clap your hands) in their school holiday's. Then a recording agreement was signed with Multitone Records the largest Asian record company based in Hayes, Middlesex. The album did well and established them world wide as a Bhangra band in the British Asian Music Industry.

By this time three more members had joined the newly formed band, Prakash Sahota on Drums, Vijay Sahota on Keyboards and a friend Riley Daley on Bass Guitar. The band were now regularly performing at Bhangra shows across the country. A year later with the release of their second album, 'Sahota Beat' charted at number one in the Asian charts. They also toured England selling out at every venue.


Then a third album called, 'Ajaa' (which means Cum on) was recorded which was the most successful of all the albums. It charted at number one in the Asian charts for five weeks and was awarded platinum and gold discs. The album sent a new groove to Asian dancefloors world wide. The band also released a E.P called, 'Are You Feeling' which was also successful and the band performed with one of the songs on television.

THE SAHOTAS also appeared on a number of television programmes. They got a good response from audiences who were watching at the time and created a firm fan base with western audiences. The Record Company were so pleased with their success that they were asked to record a fourth album called, 'Ishk' (which means Love). It was very successful and charted at number one and stayed in the top ten for five months in the Asian charts. At this time Riley Daley had to leave the band due to family commitments so another bass player Samuael Roberts joined the band.

THE SAHOTAS have won awards for Up Coming Band by the Asian Pop Awards in 1991. The most recent award was for Innovation by the Bhangra Accolades in 1993.In 1992 THE SAHOTAS left Multitone Records due to financial problems and signed a recording agreement with I.R.S Records who want Bhangra to crossover into the Western Music Industry.

The recording agreement came about when Mukhtar and Surjit Sahota, who had written and produced the four albums and E.P., decided they were to write a track which would have the right musical strategy to crossover into the mainstream. That track was 'Out of Reach' and the lyrics were by long time friend John Tranter. A copy of the song was sent to Miles Copeland of I.R.S Records, he showed a great deal of interest in the band and this led to the signing of the recording agreement

A crossover album "Right Time" followed breaking in to the mainstream top 100. This was closely followed by a nation-wide tour with top reggae band Aswad.Then followed "Suniye" which spent six weeks at the top of the Asian charts.

Now "Decade", released to mark the band's tenth anniversary, is selling well all over the world and has received great critical acclaim. Finally the single "Maa da Pyar" is the sad ballad reflecting on the death of their mother in the summer of 1997. It has been released as a charity fundraiser.


The Sahotas' Biography

“SAHOTAS", the five member brother band based in the city of Wolverhampton, England are currently the best selling Indian band in the world. The band perform, Indian music fused with Bhangra, Reggae, Dance & Ballads in a unique and distinctive style. They write, arrange, produce and perform the music themselves. Their live stage shows are to be experienced.

Their 6th album titled “BROTHERHOOD” (Teri Meri Gal Ban Gayee) 1999, released under Envy Records hit the number 1 position in both the UK & India's Billboard charts. Touring India with sold out venues in major cities Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad. Sahotas performed at the web site launch party of their record label "Times Music” (a subsidiary of The Times of India Group, India’s largest media conglomerate). The bands most recent album “REVOLUTION” (DIL VICH) 2001, on the Tips Music label reached number 1 position. “The India music market is flooded with innumerable Punjabi artists, the experience of several hit albums and performances on stage certainly give the Sahotas an edge above the rest!” reported one publication! Peak time television appearances include BBC, MTV India, Channel V, B4U Music, MTV Asia, Star TV, ITV, & Sony TV Asia. Sahotas have an established fan following from the UK. India, Asia and Kenya.

The Sahotas are currently working on a new album, which will feature songs both in English and Indian. Currently on the lookout for a management company & a mainstream album recording deal with a major record label. The band’s sights are geared towards touring USA, Europe and Asia. Sahotas are interested in collaborating with major international artists. They have produced 6 hit albums performed in Punjabi and 1 in English "The Sahotas Music" is a reflection of their experiences and their aim to spread the music to a global scale.

Sahotas are Surjit (Lead Vocals), Mukhtar (Keyboards & Programming), Raj (Tabla, Dholak, Percussion), Vijay (Keyboards) and Parkesh (Drums). They listen to all types of music. Their careers were launched at the average age of 19, winning the School Proms, The National Festival of Music for Youth and performing at "The Royal Albert Hall" in 1987, the most prestigious venue in the country. “GIDDHA PAO” their debut album released in 1987 on Multitone Records Ltd.

SAHOTA BEAT (1988), the album "AAJA" (1989) received PLATINUM and GOLD discs. "ISHK" Love, 1991, created maturity in musical styles. The album remained in the Top Ten, for a record breaking five months. Thousands of bootlegged copies of the album were sold in Europe, Kenya and India.

Sahotas talents were discovered by "STING’S" management company "I.R.S. Records Ltd. The single "HASS HOGIA" was released with IRS. This track is a regular in Florida. Noting the recognised crowd following and the musical ambition of The Sahotas, this led to the release of "Out of Reach" single (1994), "The Right Time" album on I.R.S. Records (EMI). The album reviewed in "Billboard Magazine" (US). Sahotas went on to tour Canada. “SUNIYE”, EP (1995) and the album “DECADE” (1997).

The Sahotas released "MAA DA PYAAR" (Mothers Love), in the loving memory of their late mother who sadly passed away through illness on August 5th 1997. The tribute single 2 ballads, 1 which is sung in English. All proceeds from this single go to "The Stroke Association" (charity).

They have supported top Reggae band "Aswad" on their UK tour. Performing at the multitude of Music Festivals. Sahotas were voted “Indian band of the Millennium” by readers of E-Mag, “Best Live Band” at the "The Indian Music Awards" (1998) & "The Official Student Music Awards". "Best Upcoming Band" Award at the "1991 UK Asian Pop Awards", "Best Innovative Band" Award at "The Bhangra Music Awards" in London, "Best Contribution to Bhangra Music" award. “Best Band” at the ICC in Birmingham (2000).

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