1 Dang Ditha

2 Sach

3 Mehnu Lor

4 Meh Vi Kalha

5 Tapeh

6 Nach Kurieh

7 Tenu Thakia

8 Nasha

After ten years in the business this is far from the usual greatest hits collection. Far from it, each one of the eight tracks is brand new.

Click on any one of the eight track names shown here to see the lyrics and listen to a soundclip.

Decade is available on CD, cassette tape and two tracks will also be released on video. .

Here's to the next ten years of great Bhangra.


t had been a decade since the Sahotas first album "Gidda Pao" and they had definitely come a long way. The Sahotas were back in the recording studios writing the new tracks for their forthcoming album "Decade" which was to mark ten years in the history of the band. It had been six years since the last album, the bhangra fans and media were eagerly awaiting the new album. The Sahotas had planned this album for quite a while and knew exactly which direction they were going to take.

The Sahotas were on the look out for a new record label to release "Decade", after going through four different record companies, they decided to go with one of the upcoming labels "Kamlee Records" who were showing a keen interest in their artists.

Much of their time was spent on producing tracks that were different in musical style to each other, they didn't want the whole album sounding the same. Being influenced by all kinds of music around the world the Sahotas incorporated new ideas though keeping that distinctive sound that The Sahotas are famous for.

The lyrics for this album were carefully chosen from four different writers to suit the style of music that had been written. Surjit had worked a great deal on the lyrics with Happy Bains, one of the very talented newcomers from Germany. One of the most renowned lyric writers "Chaman Lal", from London, showed once again his expert lyrics to "Tehnu Thakia" and the very catchy "Meh Vi Kahla". Dalvinder Sangha, who has written lyrics for many of the Sahotas previous hit tracks,  wrote the lyrics to "Sach", another big hit. For the first time K.S. Bhamra write lyrics for the Sahotas, he was very pleased to be part of this album.

"Decade" was finally released in the summer of 1997, the album was a complete sell out and went straight in at number one in the Bhangra charts. "Decade" went on to become the biggest selling album of 1997 leading to "The Best Contribution to Bhangra" award. The album continued to sell rapidly throughout 1997. The critics who reviewed the album said it was a classic, that will be here for decades to come.




Music and vocal arrangements are written and produced by

Mukhtar Sahota and Surjit Sahota


Lead and background vocals Surjit Sahota

Tabla and Dholak Raj Sahota

Spanish Guitar Riley Daley

Sitar Saroj Saroy


Sound Mixed by Purdy Bhogal

Sound enhancement by Danny Huppermans (Belgium)

Recorded at Blue Chip

Mastered at C.T.S.

Photography by Horseman


A big thank you to all those people who have supported us through out the 10 years including:

…………., Amarjit Sidhu, Purdy, John Tranter, Sam, Nirmal, Ian Davies, John Biddulph

and our family God Bless.



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