Suniye 3 tracks + 3 mixes 1995 Roma RMBMC151


Paun Boliyaan
Doveh Nachie
Paun Boliyaan
Doveh Nachie

This three track EP including remixes was released in 1995, previous to this release the Sahotas had taken three years out to work on there English album titled "The Right Time", that they signed to I.R.S records in 1992. Rumors were spreading that the Sahotas had stopped producing Bhangra music. The fact was they were still doing Bhangra shows, but only selected ones and had no plans on ending there Bhangra careers.

After the release of "The Right Time" album, the Sahotas started planning on the next Bhangra project, which was the "Suniye" EP. The reason for recording an EP instead of an album, was due to the pressure from the fans to release a Bhangra record, recording a full album was going to be a lengthy procedure. There were four songs that were recorded for "Suniye" with the forth one being a remix version of "Chal Bulier" taken from "Ajaa", but due to legal difficulties with Multitone Records that track had to be removed from the EP.

Record companies were showing a great interest in the Sahotas Bhangra EP, Roma Music was the company that the agreement was made with, for the release of "Suniye". The record company asked the Sahotas why they chose the title "Suniye", and in reply the Sahotas said that it had three diverse tracks and remixes, they wanted the listeners to "listen" and judge the EP for themselves. The Sahotas are firm believers of "music speaks for itself".

Soon after the release in 1995 the Sahotas were on a plane to Canada performing at festivals and clubs, playing mainly to a white audience. The music was well received, "heerie" was a big favorite amongst the crowd. Back in the UK they proved once again, the success of The Sahotas has not been a one off. With their remarkable ability

to conform to the ever changing musical styles of the industry, their EP "Suniye", has proven that the band's reputation and style is an innovation that cannot be matched.

Music and vocal arrangements are written and produced by

Mukhtar Sahota and Surjit Sahota

Lyrics Dalvinder Sangha

Mixed by Purdy Bhogal

Lead and background vocals Surjit Sahota

Tabla and Dholak Raj Sahota

Slap bass Sam


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