It's the start of a new school year. You have a new class that you have not taught before and you really want to make a good start. Do you get straight into the scheme of work or do you spend the first lesson laying down the law? Do you have a good idea of what the pupils already know or is it still one of the great unknowns?

This page contains some suggestions, some resources to help you create a good impression and establish a good culture for learning.


Setting out the basic rules for learning and the Dos and Don'ts of the classroom.

What Do You Already Know?

These activities show you, the teacher, what your pupils can already do and what they may have forgotten.

Improve Your Times Tables

Let's begin with the basics, skills that will underpin learning for the rest of the year.

Develop Your Memory

These memory activities do not rely on previous learning so it's a level playing field.

Produce A Display

Activities that will produce beautiful displays for those empty walls. Many more ideas here.

Mathematical Vocabulary

Find out the range of mathematical words your pupils know and can remember from last year.


Start the year learning about some ideas that are not in the normal mathematics curriculum.

Numbers in Words

Here are some nice Starters all requiring the ability to write numbers as words.

Calculator Skills

Let's begin the year by becomming a little more familiar with the device that will be used frequently.


Mathematical investigations are open-ended and could take quite a long time.

Start the Scheme

Let's not waste any time and get straight into the scheme of work for the year.

If you find an activity that interests you click on one of the small pictures to go directly to the details of that activity.

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