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Malaria elimination: Vaccines should be tested on larger groups of volunteers

To find an effective vaccine against malaria it is crucial to test candidate vaccines on larger groups of people than previously thought -- according to a new study. Researchers developed a mathematical model to determine the minimum number of people required for a good vaccine trial. more...

Computer models could help design physical therapy regimens

Researchers have developed a computational walking model that could help guide patients to their best possible recovery after a stroke. more...

DNA-evidence needs statistical back-up

How do forensic scientists deal with complex DNA-evidence found at crime scenes? A researcher has now developed new statistical models to analyze them. more...

An ecological invasion mimics a drunken walk

A theory that uses the mathematics of a drunken walk describes ecological invasions better than waves, according to a new study. more...

Physicists' to use their unique tool to improve neonatal health

In neonatal health, knowing the exact time of conception saves lives. Two data scientists have a mathematical solution to rectify rough estimates. more...

Researchers use mathematical modeling to explain evolutionary phenomenon that leads to treatment resistance

Reserachers are using mathematical models to explain how bacteria and cancer cells exploit an evolutionary process known as bet-hedging to resist medical intervention. more...

Researchers model how 'publication bias' does, and doesn't, affect the 'canonization' of facts in science

Researchers present a mathematical model that explores whether "publication bias" -- the tendency of journals to publish mostly positive experimental results -- influences how scientists canonize facts. more...


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