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Clue to epidemics in 'bursty' social behavior

Researchers have developed a mathematical model that could cure the potential to underestimate how quickly diseases spread. The team discovered that current predictive models may miss the influence of a critical aspect of the social behavior of individuals called 'burstiness.' more...

What can a snowflake teach us about how cancer spreads in the body?

What can seashells, lightning and the coastline of Britain teach us about new drugs for cancer? The answer, according to a team of researchers, may revolve around fractals, the infinitely complex patterns found in nature. more...

Mathematical model offers new strategies for urban burglary prevention

As with most crime, the highest rates of burglary occur in urban communities. However, existing mathematical models typically examine burglaries in residential, suburban environments. In a new article, researchers present a nonlinear model of urban burglary dynamics that accounts for the deterring effect of police presence and emphasizes timing of criminal activity. more...

Making it easier to transform freeform 2D sketching into 3D Models

A new computational approach, built on data-driven techniques, is making it possible to turn simple 2D sketch into a realistic 3D shape, with little or no user input necessary. more...

New method automatically computes realistic movement with friction from 3D design

Researchers have developed a novel algorithm that computes the shape of the surface at rest, that is, without any external force, and when this shape is deformed under gravity, contact and friction, it precisely matches the shape the user has designed. more...

Single-cell asymmetries control how groups of cells form 3D shapes together

A new mathematical tool shows that altering one of two asymmetries in the properties of single cells controls how they organize into folded, biological shapes, and explains how these shapes are precisely reproduced and maintained. more...

Let's draw!: New deep learning technique for realistic caricature art

Caricature portrait drawing is a distinct art form where artists sketch a person's face in an exaggerated manner, most times to elicit humor. Automating this technique poses challenges due to the amount of intricate details and shapes involved and level of professional skills it takes to transform a person artistically from their real-life selves to a creatively exaggerated one. more...


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