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Maths and maps make you nervous? It could be in your genes

Our genes play a significant role in how anxious we feel when faced with spatial and mathematical tasks, such as reading a map or solving a geometry problem, according to a new study. more...

Decision-making suffers when cancer patients avoid math

Many of the toughest decisions faced by cancer patients involve knowing how to use numbers -- calculating risks, evaluating treatment options and figuring odds of medication side effects. But for patients who aren’t good at math, decision science research can offer evidence-based advice on how to assess numeric information and ask the right questions to make informed choices. more...

How garbage patches form in world's oceans

A new study on how ocean currents transport floating marine debris is helping to explain how garbage patches form in the world's oceans. Researchers developed a mathematical model that simulates the motion of small spherical objects floating at the ocean surface. more...

Math learned best when children move

Children improve at math when instruction engages their own bodies, concludes a new study. The results also document that children require individualized learning strategies. more...

Students who enjoy or take pride in math have better long-term math achievement

A study of 3,425 German students from grades 5 through 9 has found that students who enjoyed and took pride in math had even better achievement than students with higher intelligence. more...

Towards new IT devices with stable, transformable solitons

Unavoidably, each digital information we send around the globe is prone to be lost. Travelling long ways in wires, the initial signal decays and scatters by colliding with impurities and neighboring electromagnetic fields. Therefore, beyond each bit of your desired message, it is necessary to send other hidden bits of information that check for mistakes and take action in case of losses; while devices become smaller and smaller, this issue becomes more significant. Scientists are aiming to find innovative ways at achieving a more stable transmission of information. more...

Cholera bacteria stab and poison enemies at predictable rates

Scientists use physics equations that describe molecular interactions to predict bacterial battles, and find correlation in genomes between weaponry and resource sharing. more...


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