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Want to help your child succeed in school? Add language to the math, reading mix

A new study finds that a child's language skills in kindergarten can predict his or her future proficiency in other subjects. more...

New computational strategy designed for more personalized cancer treatment

Mathematicians and cancer scientists have found a way to simplify complex biomolecular data about tumors, in principle making it easier to prescribe the appropriate treatment for a specific patient. more...

How the power of mathematics can help assess lung function

Researchers have developed a new computational way of analyzing X-ray images of lungs, which could herald a breakthrough in the diagnosis and assessment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other lung diseases. more...

Changing students' attitudes to mathematics improves test scores

A new study finds a free 'massive, open, online course' (MOOC) led to students feeling more positive about math, more engaged during math class, and scoring significantly higher in mathematics assessments. This is the first of its kind to focus on changing students' mindsets and beliefs about their mathematics potential. more...

New software, HyperTools, transforms complex data into visualizable shapes

Every dataset in the observable universe has a fundamental geometry or shape to it, but that structure can be highly complicated. To make it easier to visualize complicated datasets, a research team has created HyperTools -- an open-source software package that leverages a suite of mathematical techniques to gain intuitions about high-dimensional datasets through the underlying geometric structures they reflect. more...

Math sheds light on how living cells 'think'

How does the 'brain' of a living cell work, allowing an organism to function and thrive in changing and unfavorable environments? Researchers have developed new mathematics to solve a longstanding mystery of how the incredibly complex biological networks within cells can adapt and reset themselves after exposure to a new stimulus. more...

Using mathematical modeling and evolutionary principles important in treatment decisions

Researchers are using mathematical modeling based on evolutionary principals to show that adaptive drug treatments based on tumor responses to prior treatment are more effective than maximum-tolerated dose approaches for certain tumor situations. more...


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