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Mathematical biology tackles destructive plant virus

Plant diseases pose a serious threat to global food security, especially in developing countries, where millions of people depend on consuming what they harvest. In sub-Saharan Africa, one plant disease in particular -- maize lethal necrosis -- is ravaging one of the region's preferred crops for food, feed and income. But understanding its biology in order to manage the disease is difficult because the disease arises from two viruses interacting -- which is where mathematics comes into play. more...

Cow herd behavior is fodder for complex systems analysis

With closer inspection, researchers have recognized that what appears to be a randomly dispersed herd peacefully eating grass is in fact a complex system of individuals in a group facing differing tensions. A team of mathematicians and a biologist has now built a mathematical model that incorporates a cost function to behavior in such a herd to understand the dynamics of such systems. more...

Mathematicians deliver formal proof of Kepler Conjecture

A mathematical problem more than 300 years old gets a formal proof with the help of computer formal verification. more...

Shortcut to satellite-based quantum encryption network

Researchers demonstrate ground-based measurements of quantum states sent by a laser aboard a satellite 38,000 kilometers above Earth. more...

Using light to reach higher precision in cell mechanic research

Scientists use optogenetics and mathematical modelling to identify a central molecule in cell mechanics more...

Researchers refine yardstick for measuring schools

A new study has developed a novel way of evaluating and improving VAMs. By taking data from Boston schools with admissions lotteries, the scholars have used the random assignment of students to schools to see how similar groups of students fare in different classroom settings. more...

How the brain recognizes what the eye sees

New work outlining the brain's visual process could improve self-driving cars and point to therapies for sensory impairment, suggest investigators. more...


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