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The math of doughnuts: 'Moonshine' sheds light on elliptic curves

Mathematicians have opened a new chapter in the theory of moonshine, one which begins to harness the power of the pariahs -- sporadic simple groups that previously had no known application. more...

Mathematicians ask: What's in a ripple?

When a fluid or a gas experiences a sudden disturbance, it often gives rise to a phenomenon known as an undular bore, which consists of a series of rapid oscillations that propagate and spread. But how to describe what transpires? New mathematics research brings us closer to finding an answer. more...

Engineer develops key mathematical formula for driving quantum experiments

For more than a decade, scientists have sought a better way for pulse design using the similarity between spins and springs by using numerical experiments. more...

Equation reveals the characteristics of quantum chaos

Researchers have now succeeded in formulating a mathematical result that provides an exact answer to the question of how chaos actually behaves. The researchers have analyzed chaotic states at the atomic level. more...

Brain stimulation for children with learning difficulties?

Applying a brain stimulation method, which was previously suggested to enhance mathematical learning in healthy adults, may improve the performance of children with mathematical learning difficulties, according to an exploratory study. more...

Researchers predicted when cholera epidemic in Yemen would peak

Scientists have developed a new mathematical model which accurately forecast that a devastating cholera epidemic in Yemen would peak by early July, the 26th week of 2017 and the cumulative incidence would be the order of 700-800 thousand cases. more...

Mathematical mystery of ancient Babylonian clay tablet solved

Scientists have discovered the purpose of a famous 3,700-year old Babylonian clay tablet, revealing it is the world's oldest and most accurate trigonometric table, possibly used by ancient mathematical scribes to calculate how to construct palaces and temples and build canals. The new research shows the Babylonians beat the Greeks to the invention of trigonometry -- the study of triangles -- by more than 1,000 years. more...


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