Fast Factors Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Fast Factors in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Dude11 seconds
Ramzy12 seconds
Haarith67915 seconds
El15 seconds
Oliver17 seconds

3 Times Table

Sam14 seconds
Mr Wood15 seconds
Elf17 seconds
Mr Wood18 seconds
Archer18 seconds

4 Times Table

Sam13 seconds
Sam15 seconds
Oliver15 seconds
Elf17 seconds
Oliver17 seconds

5 Times Table

Isaa11 seconds
Sam13 seconds
Taylor Elf14 seconds
Elf16 seconds
Elf18 seconds

6 Times Table

Mr Wood19 seconds
Archer20 seconds
Archer21 seconds
Sam22 seconds
Sam23 seconds

7 Times Table

Mr Wood16 seconds
Archer19 seconds
Maxim6b19 seconds
Anon19 seconds
Robertm21 seconds

8 Times Table

Sam17 seconds
Mr Wood19 seconds
Mr Wood20 seconds
Mr Wood22 seconds
Oliver22 seconds

9 Times Table

Use12 seconds
Isaa12 seconds
Archer21 seconds
Jack Loves22 seconds
Charlotte25 seconds

10 Times Table

Isaa11 seconds
Taylor Elf12 seconds
Ali13 seconds
Elf13 seconds
Mr Wood14 seconds

11 Times Table

Elf16 seconds
Maxim6b16 seconds
Elf17 seconds
Maxim6b17 seconds
De Red 1!!17 seconds

12 Times Table

Jude Elf14 seconds
Ismail U16 seconds
Mr Wood16 seconds
Sam16 seconds
Oliver19 seconds

13 Times Table

Omar Walid11 seconds
Omar Walid12 seconds
Omar Walid14 seconds
Omar Walid14 seconds
Omar Walid14 seconds

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Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Fast Factors:

37 seconds Number of Seconds
45 seconds Number of Seconds
39 seconds Number of Seconds
38 seconds Number of Seconds
40 seconds Number of Seconds
38 seconds Number of Seconds
38 seconds Number of Seconds
42 seconds Number of Seconds
10  28 seconds Number of Seconds
11  27 seconds Number of Seconds
12  39 seconds Number of Seconds
13  36 seconds Number of Seconds

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You can customise the Tablesmaster and Fast Factors high-score charts for your school or class.


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