Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Emma 13 seconds
Emma14 seconds
R Healy15 seconds
Emma15 seconds
Megs 15 seconds

3 Times Table

Andrew20 seconds
Andrew21 seconds
A W23 seconds
Andrew27 seconds
T 2228 seconds

4 Times Table

Luka King 16 seconds
T 2926 seconds
T 22234 seconds
T 2211111136 seconds
Konrad S44 seconds

5 Times Table

Emma 18 seconds
Emma19 seconds
Emma Aweso19 seconds
Patrick20 seconds
Megs 20 seconds

6 Times Table

Ajna26 seconds
Ajna28 seconds
Ajna29 seconds
T Emma37 seconds
T 2338 seconds

7 Times Table

Konrad S44 seconds
Katie H 50 seconds
T 2151 seconds
Layla Mcin51 seconds
Meg E Lms57 seconds

8 Times Table

Duisma39 seconds
Ish Aan A40 seconds
Faye65 seconds
Faye Mcdon69 seconds
Lego Frien124 seconds

9 Times Table

Ish Aan A34 seconds
T 2340 seconds
Konrad S43 seconds
Lego Frien64 seconds
Monawar76 seconds

10 Times Table

Emma15 seconds
Megan E Lm24 seconds
Meg Lms27 seconds
Kayleigh M28 seconds
Daoud Am S38 seconds

11 Times Table

Sinead C 17 seconds
Emma 19 seconds
Ajna25 seconds
Meg E Lms26 seconds
Meg E Lms26 seconds

12 Times Table

Sinead C 21 seconds
Megs 38 seconds
Konrad S44 seconds
Anon48 seconds

13 Times Table

Will Klat41 seconds
Monawar46 seconds
Remi P112 seconds
Meg Lms119 seconds

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Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Tablesmaster:

70 seconds Number of Seconds
78 seconds Number of Seconds
74 seconds Number of Seconds
74 seconds Number of Seconds
68 seconds Number of Seconds
70 seconds Number of Seconds
64 seconds Number of Seconds
66 seconds Number of Seconds
10  52 seconds Number of Seconds
11  43 seconds Number of Seconds
12  62 seconds Number of Seconds
13  82 seconds Number of Seconds

There are hi-score tables for Tablesmaster, Fast Factors, Tables Conga, Tables Dash.


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