Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Issy32 seconds
Liya34 seconds
Macy35 seconds
Adin36 seconds
Beau Both37 seconds

3 Times Table

Leo C30 seconds
Izzi 39 seconds
Izzi41 seconds
Izzi 42 seconds
Izzi 42 seconds

4 Times Table

Chazy27 seconds
Chazy29 seconds
Bobby12341 seconds
Sara61 seconds
Leo C63 seconds

5 Times Table

Fadia12336 seconds
Chazy37 seconds
Liya41 seconds
Nurgis43 seconds
Fadia12343 seconds

6 Times Table

My Name Je21 seconds
Your Nuts23 seconds
Deez Nuts30 seconds
Nurgis38 seconds
Nurgis39 seconds

7 Times Table

Nurgis33 seconds
Nurgis35 seconds
Nurgis42 seconds
Nurgis43 seconds
Liya 55 seconds

8 Times Table

Austin33 seconds
Austin33 seconds
Adin36 seconds
Chinthurst77 seconds
Hollies101 seconds

9 Times Table

Tate41 seconds
Tate42 seconds
Tate45 seconds
Thienking45 seconds
Thienking45 seconds

10 Times Table

Deez Ball21 seconds
Your Nan22 seconds
Leigh Jr24 seconds
Leigh Jr26 seconds
You Bob27 seconds

11 Times Table

Izzy19 seconds
Izzy20 seconds
Macy24 seconds
Fraser28 seconds
Adin28 seconds

12 Times Table

Chazy48 seconds
Chazy49 seconds
Beau Both61 seconds
Chazy64 seconds
Beau Both67 seconds

13 Times Table

Austinhunt59 seconds
Austinhunt65 seconds
Ha69 seconds
Austinhunt69 seconds
Austinhunt74 seconds

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Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Tablesmaster:

70 seconds Number of Seconds
79 seconds Number of Seconds
74 seconds Number of Seconds
74 seconds Number of Seconds
68 seconds Number of Seconds
69 seconds Number of Seconds
64 seconds Number of Seconds
67 seconds Number of Seconds
10  52 seconds Number of Seconds
11  43 seconds Number of Seconds
12  62 seconds Number of Seconds
13  81 seconds Number of Seconds

There are hi-score tables for Tablesmaster, Fast Factors, Tables Conga, Tables Dash.


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