Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Boglin22 seconds
Ange H27 seconds
Joshua28 seconds
Riccardo28 seconds
Will Klat29 seconds

3 Times Table

Boglin22 seconds
Ange H22 seconds
Anon25 seconds
Hm71 seconds
Nutta109 seconds

4 Times Table

Boglin36 seconds
Ethan Gall190 seconds

5 Times Table

Boglin24 seconds
Joshua34 seconds
Mantaro37 seconds
Mantaro38 seconds
Caspert49 seconds

6 Times Table

Boglin26 seconds
Casper35 seconds
Casper39 seconds
Mantaro44 seconds
Anon59 seconds

7 Times Table

Boglin28 seconds
Johua37 seconds
Casper46 seconds
Indi Bell55 seconds

8 Times Table

Boglin31 seconds
Joshua33 seconds
Will Klat33 seconds
Will Klat33 seconds
Will Klat34 seconds

9 Times Table

Boglin26 seconds
Fat Lady28 seconds
Fat Lady31 seconds
Fat Lady31 seconds
Fat Lady31 seconds

10 Times Table

Boglin20 seconds
Dj27 seconds
Hum31 seconds
Harry H H31 seconds
Hum33 seconds

11 Times Table

Boglin20 seconds
Quack!21 seconds
Boglin21 seconds
Asha22 seconds
Joshua23 seconds

12 Times Table

Boglin27 seconds
Katie29 seconds
Boglin30 seconds
Milka10130 seconds
Joshua39 seconds

13 Times Table

Saruja30 seconds
Kasim43 seconds
Saruja44 seconds
Kasim46 seconds
Essiegogo57 seconds

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Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Tablesmaster:

72 seconds Number of Seconds
77 seconds Number of Seconds
75 seconds Number of Seconds
74 seconds Number of Seconds
68 seconds Number of Seconds
67 seconds Number of Seconds
65 seconds Number of Seconds
67 seconds Number of Seconds
10  52 seconds Number of Seconds
11  44 seconds Number of Seconds
12  63 seconds Number of Seconds
13  80 seconds Number of Seconds

There are hi-score tables for Tablesmaster, Fast Factors, Tables Conga, Tables Dash.


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