Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Dakota15 seconds
Diya B26 seconds
Diya B26 seconds
Get Rekt28 seconds
James28 seconds

3 Times Table

Diya B26 seconds
Lstarr43 seconds
Kael 5t44 seconds
5jadesun58 seconds
5 Xanthe69 seconds

4 Times Table

Ur Pothead25 seconds
Ur Pothead26 seconds
Ur Pothead27 seconds
Jame27 seconds
Jimmy Bc28 seconds

5 Times Table

Van24 seconds
Kaif And H24 seconds
Aleiaivy528 seconds
Louis30 seconds
Diya B30 seconds

6 Times Table

5 Logan28 seconds
James29 seconds
5 Logan34 seconds
Yotam S38 seconds
Science Pe79 seconds

7 Times Table

Yotam S36 seconds
Boozer48 seconds
Joedude49 seconds
Boozer50 seconds
Gi51 seconds

8 Times Table

Im A Musli48 seconds
Russell178 seconds
Alfie 180 seconds
Kosta333 seconds

9 Times Table

Fu U31 seconds
5 Xanthe31 seconds
5 Xanthe37 seconds
5 Xanthe40 seconds
Aayan44 seconds

10 Times Table

Kaif20 seconds
Nehedabkin23 seconds
Aryan 5sun23 seconds
Aryan 5sun24 seconds
Aryan 5sun24 seconds

11 Times Table

Camo19 seconds
Aryan 5sun21 seconds
Hunta22 seconds
Aryan 5sun22 seconds
Aryan 5sun22 seconds

12 Times Table

Boozer52 seconds
Joedude52 seconds
Boozer56 seconds
Boozer59 seconds
Boozer59 seconds

13 Times Table

Dakota20 seconds
Pacey 5sun47 seconds
Pacey5sun48 seconds
Pacey 5sun50 seconds
Pacey 5sun54 seconds

Play again to improve your time: Tablesmaster

Transum Tables activities provide a great way to practise your times tables. Play them every day to
help improve your numeracy skills, mathematical proficiency and mental strength.

Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Tablesmaster:

64 seconds Number of Seconds
71 seconds Number of Seconds
68 seconds Number of Seconds
67 seconds Number of Seconds
66 seconds Number of Seconds
63 seconds Number of Seconds
60 seconds Number of Seconds
62 seconds Number of Seconds
10  49 seconds Number of Seconds
11  42 seconds Number of Seconds
12  61 seconds Number of Seconds
13  80 seconds Number of Seconds

There are high-score tables for Tablesmaster, Fast Factors, Tables Conga, Tables Dash.

You can customise the Tablesmaster and Fast Factors high-score charts for your school or class.


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