Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Sami16 seconds
Laura18 seconds
Sami19 seconds
Noah Jajaj20 seconds
9beast21 seconds

3 Times Table

Sami19 seconds
Sami22 seconds
Noah Alala23 seconds
Tijm Applo28 seconds
Jack54 seconds

4 Times Table

Anon19 seconds
Noah Banan24 seconds
Sami27 seconds
Tijm Peare28 seconds
Sami31 seconds

5 Times Table

Sami19 seconds
Sami23 seconds
Noah Boah24 seconds
Tijm Banan27 seconds
Harry! 12331 seconds

6 Times Table

Hala Madri17 seconds
Anonymous17 seconds
Anonymous18 seconds
Anonymous19 seconds
Baby J21 seconds

7 Times Table

Tijmminecr33 seconds
Yologopro33 seconds
Duke71 seconds
Antonia Go72 seconds

8 Times Table

Tijmmining32 seconds
Henry41 seconds
Henry42 seconds
Henry46 seconds
Henry48 seconds

9 Times Table

Sami21 seconds
Noah Youge25 seconds
Tijmtree30 seconds
James36 seconds
Baby Putin38 seconds

10 Times Table

Lukeoconno18 seconds
Sami19 seconds
Marsy20 seconds
Lukeoconno21 seconds
Sami23 seconds

11 Times Table

Jack H17 seconds
Jack H18 seconds
Sami18 seconds
Sami20 seconds
Jack H21 seconds

12 Times Table

Qwertyuiop37 seconds
Qwertyuiop46 seconds
Naomi47 seconds
Yasmin48 seconds
Maisie52 seconds

13 Times Table

Jaye25 seconds
Train26 seconds
Noah Allal35 seconds
Sami39 seconds
Sami46 seconds

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Transum Tables activities provide a great way to practise your times tables. Play them every day to
help improve your numeracy skills, mathematical proficiency and mental strength.

Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Tablesmaster:

67 seconds Number of Seconds
75 seconds Number of Seconds
71 seconds Number of Seconds
70 seconds Number of Seconds
65 seconds Number of Seconds
67 seconds Number of Seconds
62 seconds Number of Seconds
64 seconds Number of Seconds
10  51 seconds Number of Seconds
11  43 seconds Number of Seconds
12  62 seconds Number of Seconds
13  78 seconds Number of Seconds

There are high-score tables for Tablesmaster, Fast Factors, Tables Conga, Tables Dash.

You can customise the Tablesmaster and Fast Factors high-score charts for your school or class.


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