Tablesmaster Hi-Score Tables

Best times for completing Tablesmaster in the last 150 attempts

2 Times Table

Pierre23 seconds
Ethan R24 seconds
Etahn 25 seconds
Bayden25 seconds
Hayden28 seconds

3 Times Table

Pierre22 seconds
Ooosh28 seconds
Bayden28 seconds
Faith39 seconds
Hayley40 seconds

4 Times Table

Bayden30 seconds
Esha36 seconds
Hayley4r40 seconds

5 Times Table

Bayden27 seconds
Malik50 seconds
Aia For Me124 seconds

6 Times Table

Tobias23 seconds
Brax23 seconds
Jumana23 seconds
Tobias24 seconds
Brax24 seconds

7 Times Table

Alex28 seconds
Alex29 seconds
Harva30 seconds
Alex31 seconds
Alex32 seconds

8 Times Table

Alex27 seconds
Jackiam12745 seconds
Jackiam12759 seconds

9 Times Table

Red Bull H34 seconds
Olivia117 seconds

10 Times Table

Dyl25 seconds
Sos Ki28 seconds
Cailan29 seconds
Arvin 29 seconds
Olita30 seconds

11 Times Table

Aleksander24 seconds
The Force24 seconds
Jumana25 seconds
Arvin 25 seconds
Arvi26 seconds

12 Times Table

64helper25 seconds
Charlotte26 seconds
Nicholas T27 seconds
64helper27 seconds
Nicholas T28 seconds

13 Times Table

Nicholas T32 seconds
Ryan D 215 seconds

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Transum Tables activities provide a great way to practise your times tables. Play them every day to
help improve your numeracy skills, mathematical proficiency and mental strength.

Average time taken by all the people who have ever attempted Tablesmaster:

67 seconds Number of Seconds
74 seconds Number of Seconds
71 seconds Number of Seconds
70 seconds Number of Seconds
66 seconds Number of Seconds
66 seconds Number of Seconds
62 seconds Number of Seconds
63 seconds Number of Seconds
10  50 seconds Number of Seconds
11  42 seconds Number of Seconds
12  61 seconds Number of Seconds
13  79 seconds Number of Seconds

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You can customise the Tablesmaster and Fast Factors high-score charts for your school or class.


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