n x n


2 + n

n + 2

2n - n


2n + 2

Which is the Nincompoop, the one without a partner?

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Very simple expressions

Simple expressions with brackets

Slightly more difficult expressions


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  • Transum,
  • So the sheep move around! Annoying isn’t it? But in real life things move, mathematics can be dynamic rather than always presented in a traditional and expected way. In addition to understanding the algebra pupils will need to find a strategy for keeping track of the sheep so that they can put pairs together and find the odd one out. Did any of your pupils come up with a smart way of solving this problem?
  • Frustrated, Thailand
  • Doesn't seem to work. it's just sheep moving round a screen with no way of selecting the one you want.

    [Transum: Ah, I see your frustration! While many of the activities on this site are interactive, this one was not. However, thanks to your suggestion, it has been changed so that you can drag the sheep as you wish across the screen to pair them up. Thanks for the idea.]

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Laptops In Lessons

Teacher, do your students have access to computers?
Do they have iPads or Laptops in Lessons?

Whether your students each have a TabletPC, a Surface or a Mac, this activity lends itself to eLearning (Engaged Learning).

Laptops In Lessons

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