How Many Of Each?

Pens cost 15p each,
Pencils cost 9p each.

Jennifer spent 78p altogether.

How many pens and pencils did she buy?

Dishes cost £1.47 each,
Plates cost £1.73 each.

Angelina spent £8.13 on dishes and plates.

How many of each did she buy?


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  • Suszanna, home
  • My daughter really enjoys these, when she comes home from school she will sit on the laptop and do things like these.
  • Ellen, Dublin
  • This is a great way to start the kids off in the morning, we always start off doing this they all enjoy it!!
  • Jessy Shijo, St.simon's Catholic Primary School, Ashford
  • This website is extremely helpful for my daughter to improve her Maths. I wish that there were more sites like this to help young and other people get going through their Mathematics. After all, every job in the universe depends on MATHS!
  • Martin Elliott, P7 Blackridge Primary School Scotland
  • We found the 1st problem quite easy as the numbers were small.
    The second problem involved £'s and generated much more discussion.
    P7 love this site.
  • Jazlyn, Nice Website!
  • I think it's great! I just wish they had different problems for older age levels. I'm in the 8th grade and my teachers give this for extra credit every week. (we only get 1 extra point per week). Some days it's hard and others its super easy. I just hope they find a way to balance it out. Great resource, though!
  • Thomas - Year 5, Charnwood Primary - Lichfield
  • A good maths starter but maybe a couple more would be better.
  • Senan, Barnes Primary Year 6
  • I think the the first problem was too easy, I like the idea though.

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If students have access to computing devices you may wish to try solving the following?

Sandwiches cost £1.73 each,

Drinks cost £1.25 each.

Makayla spent £54.70 on sandwiches and drinks.

How many of each did she buy?

[Assume that they bought at least one of each of the items above.]

You may wish to use a spreadsheet or write a program on a graphing calculator:

  A B C D E F G H I J K
1   Sandwiches                
2 Drinks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
3 1 £2.98 £4.71 £6.44 £8.17 £9.90 £11.63 £13.36 £15.09 £16.82 £18.55
4 2 £4.23 £5.96 £7.69 £9.42 £11.15 £12.88 £14.61 £16.34 £18.07 £19.80
5 3 £5.48 £7.21 £8.94 £10.67 £12.40 £14.13 £15.86 £17.59 £19.32 £21.05
6 4 £6.73 £8.46 £10.19 £11.92 £13.65 £15.38 £17.11 £18.84 £20.57 £22.30
7 5 £7.98 £9.71 £11.44 £13.17 £14.90 £16.63 £18.36 £20.09 £21.82 £23.55
8 6 £9.23 £10.96 £12.69 £14.42 £16.15 £17.88 £19.61 £21.34 £23.07 £24.80
9 7 £10.48 £12.21 £13.94 £15.67 £17.40 £19.13 £20.86 £22.59 £24.32 £26.05
10 8 £11.73 £13.46 £15.19 £16.92 £18.65 £20.38 £22.11 £23.84 £25.57 £27.30
11 9 £12.98 £14.71 £16.44 £18.17 £19.90 £21.63 £23.36 £25.09 £26.82 £28.55
12 10 £14.23 £15.96 £17.69 £19.42 £21.15 £22.88 £24.61 £26.34 £28.07 £29.80



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