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There are 366 different Starters of The Day, many to choose from. You will find below some starters on the topic of Place Value. A lesson starter does not have to be on the same topic as the main part of the lesson or the topic of the previous lesson. It is often very useful to revise or explore other concepts by using a starter based on a totally different area of Mathematics.

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Place Value Starters:

A Thousand and One

Develop a quick way of mentally multiplying any number by 1001.

All for 100

Can you write an expression for 100 which uses all the digits 1 to 9?

Big Order

Estimate or calculate then put the large numbers in order of size.

Broken Calculator

Use only the 1, 5 and 0 keys on a calculator to make given totals.

Figuratively Speaking

Write the numbers written as words using digits.

How Do You Do?

A little lateral thinking will help you solve this number puzzle.

Know Your Place

Without a calculator perform some calculations requiring a knowledge of place value.

Mystic Maths

Work out why subtracting a two digit number from its reverse gives a multiple of nine.

Nine Digit Sum

Arrange the digits one to nine to make a correct addition calculation.

Numbers in words

Write out in words some numbers writen as digits (optional pirate theme)

One Digit 100

How many ways can you write an expression for 100 which only uses the same digit repeated and any operations?

Product Placement

Arrange the numbers to produce the largest product.

Render Digitful

Find a calculation for the current year which uses all of the digits 1 to 9.

Shadow Sums

Make sums from the three digit numbers given.

Siam Symbols

Can you work out what each of the strange symbols represents in these calculations?

Writing Cheques

Complete some imaginary cheques, the amount needs to be written in words.

Wrong Way Round

Find calculations which written back to front give the same answer.

Advanced Place Value Starters


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