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Percentages Starters:

Estimating Percentages

Estimate the percentages of full circles and rectangles the sectors represent.

Fractions Decimals Percentages

Convert fractions to decimals, decimals to percentages and percentages to fractions.

High Interest

Finding a good personal loan requires an ability to calculate percentage and this page provides some practice.

In Your Head 1

Here are the simple percentage calculations everyone should be able to do in their heads.

Odd Percent Out

A number of simple percentage calculations are given. The answers are in pairs. Which is the odd one out?


Complete the table by calculating common percentages without using a calculator.

Quick Percentages

Simple percentage questions appear on screen then fade every 8 seconds. This Starter is customisable.


Can you work out from the five clues given what the mystery number is?

Sid's Schemes

Work out which is the best scheme for Sid to choose for his summer bonus. One scheme involves a common misconception about percentages.

Structured Settlement

Without a calculator match a a pie slice to a calculation to an answer.


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