23 or Bust

A Strategy Game for two players

This is a game for two players


Draw the diagram above on a sheet of paper and place an object, such as a pencil sharpener, in the centre.

Two players take it in turns to move the object on to a number. This number is added to the running total for this game. The object of the game is to reach a total of 23. If a player makes the running total greater than 23 they have lost.

This game works well with students playing in pairs at desks around the classroom. After each game the players move to a new desk, winners moving clockwise around the room and losers moving anticlockwise.

The game will need to be played a number of times by a student before they start to see that there are some strategies that can be employed.

Note that each player has to move the object to a new number when it is their turn, they cannot stay on the number the object is on.

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