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Here is a list of advanced Maths lesson starters suitable for students studying for A Level, IB, Advanced placement etc.

In addition, many of the 'Starter of the Day' activities are easily developed for the more able student.

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Angle Thinking: Find the range of possible angles, x, for which tan x > cos x > sin x  [Topic(s): Trigonometry Inequalities]

Find The Radius: Find the radius of the circle from the small amount of information provided.  [Topic(s): Geometry Trigonometry Algebra]

Pizza Slice: A problem which can be solved by considereing the areas of a triangle and a sector of a circle.  [Topic(s): Mensuration, Area, Trigonometry]

Road Connections: Design roads to connect four houses that are on the corners of a square, side of length one mile, to minimise the total length of the roads.  [Topic(s): Calculus Trigonometry]

Tan 22.5: Find an exact value for tan 22.50 without using a calculator.  [Topic(s): Trigonometry]

What Question?: Write down all the possible questions that could have been asked if this was the diagram provided in a mathematics textbook.  [Topic(s): Trigonometry]



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River Crossing

River Crossing

Three interactive versions of the traditional river crossing puzzles. The objective is to get all of the characters to the other side of the river without breaking any of the rules.


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Scouts in Boats

Arrange a rota for the Scouts to travel in boats so that they are with different people each day. So far this activity has been accessed 709 times and 8 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.


Exam Style Questions

Still looking for an Advanced Starter? Try an Exam Style Question. There are hundreds to choose from.

Exam Style Questions

Yes past paper questions can make ideal Lesson Starters. Have them projected onto your whiteboard and your students can start working as soon as they sit down. The (I)GCSE Higher/Extended and the IB questions have fully worked solutions that you can reveal line by line when you go through the questions with the class. All this saves you valuable time at the beginning of your lesson.

Here are some questions I like as Starters to get you going:

Two circles just fit side by side in a larger circle. What fraction of the larger circle do they cover? more...

One is added to the product of two consecutive positive even numbers. Show that the result is a square number. more...

The diagrams below show a sequence of patterns made from red and yellow tiles. more...

This Venn diagram shows the relationship between the sets of numbers. more...

Twitter and the media were buzzing with comments about a particular question about Hanna's sweets. more...

Calculate the area of the front face of the dart board. more...

A restaurant offers 6 starters, 14 main courses and 5 different desserts. more...

Find the length of the elastic band that fits around three crayons. more...

The graph shows the height of water in a container over a period time. more...

This draft emoji design includes a circle and a kite. more...

Minerva's Revenge is the longest rollercoaster in the Funville Theme Park. more...

Windthrup bought a car for £9500 which depreciated by 6% in the first year. more...

Match the equation with the letter of its graph. more... Exam Style Questions


Maths Riddles:

Yes, mathematical riddles make great lesson starters too.

Bus Driver: A riddle about a bus driver on quite a busy route.  [Topic(s): Calculation]

Company or Crowd?: If two's company and three's a crowd, what's four and five?  [Topic(s): Riddle]

Cube Ages: Calculate the mean age of the two fathers and two sons with the given clues.  [Topic(s): Cube Numbers, Average, Mean]

Does not add up!: Why would eight and five add up to one?  [Topic(s): Addition]

Growing Fast: How can it be that Percy will be 16 next year when he was only 13 the day before yesterday?  [Topic(s): Age, Time, Riddle]

Moses' Roses: How can ten roses be planted in five rows of four?  [Topic(s): Roses, Rows]

Rejuvenate: A girl was 16 years old in 2010 but just 8 years old in 2018  [Topic(s): Calendar]

Rope Ladder: How many rungs of a rope ladder remain above the water line after the tide has risen two metres?  [Topic(s): Ship]

Sharing Apples: Share five apples between five children while leaving one in the basket.  [Topic(s): Division]

Smart Animals: Who is most likely to be able to work out the square root of 121?  [Topic(s): Square root]

Sums With Hundreds: When is eighteen hundred minus fifty the same as seventeen hundred plus ten?  [Topic(s): Hundreds]

The Blue Arrows: What is the smallest number of jets that could have been in the formation according to the sighting information?  [Topic(s): Planes, Jets]

Tricky Takeaway: Take away some of the letters in a word to get a surprising result.  [Topic(s): Letters, Subtract]

Two Coins: What two coins add up to 70p (one of them is not a 50p coin)  [Topic(s): Coins, Money]

Wandering Bear: A bear walks south, east then north and finds it is back where it started. What colour is the bear?  [Topic(s): Bear]



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