Hotel Digital
A cheap hotel with digital luxury!

Hotel Digital has 30 floors.

Step into the lift at Hotel Digital and you'll have to think! It will only stop at floors which are multiples of the days of the week numbers.

On Monday it will go to any floor.
On Tuesdays it will only go to floors which are multiples of 2.
On Wednesdays it will only go to floors which are multiples of 3 and so on.

Which would be the best floor of the hotel to stay on if you do not like using the stairs and you plan to stay for a week?

The lifts always stop at the lobby floor which is below the first floor.


Floors 12, 24 and 30 of the hotel are served by the lift five out of seven days of the week.
There is an equal amount of stair walking to be done on the days when it does not
stop on these floors.

Supplementary Questions:

If the hotel had more floors, which would be the
lowest floor at which the lift would stop at every day of the week.

Which floors are only served on Mondays?

You can still practise your thinking skills even when you are on holiday. Do you stay in a hotel? How many floors does your hotel have? How many hotel rooms are there? Are there the same number of hotel rooms on each floor? How many guests can the hotel accommodate?

Does your hotel have a swimming pool? Could all the hotel guests sit around the pool at the same time? How many restaurants does the hotel have? Could all of the hotel guests be seated for breakfast at the same time?

Is the hotel part of an international group? Where are the other hotels in the group situated? Are they by the sea or inland? Could you travel around the world staying at the hotels in the group?

How many staff work at your hotel? What hours of the day are they on duty? Are their more hotel staff on duty at 8am or 8pm? What is the ratio of hotel guests to staff?

How much does it cost to stay at the hotel for one night? Is this good value for money? How much does the hotel get from all of the guests currently in residence.



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