Overlapping Squares

If two squares overlap, what shapes can the overlapping region make?

Which of the following shapes can the overlap (the green area) be?
Rectangle :: Square :: Kite :: Trapezium :: Parallelogram :: Triangle
Pentagon :: Hexagon :: Heptagon :: Octagon

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    Tip for Teacher: I found it very easy using PowerPoint (Keynote) to easily draw a square, duplicate it then mowe around the squares looking for answers. Set the fill attribute to no fill or, for the advanced, coloured yellow and aqua with 50% opacity (transparency).

    Note to teacher: The starter originally designed for the 27th February was called Texting. It contained a photograph of my mobile phone! How time marches on at a pace and my trusty old phone now looks really dated. Newer phones don’t use predictive text in the same way as they provide a full keyboard so the premise of the Starter is quite dated.

    If however you would still like to use that Starter you can find it here: Texting

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