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Three Dimensional Trigonometry Presentation (17 slides)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Here is the full text of our trigonometrical poem:

In days of old when knights were bold and dragons still breathed fire

There lived a knight, a clever knight, Sir Pythag-Oar Esquire

He had a lance, a sturdy lance, it measured thirteen feet

He had it with him just in case a dragon he should meet.

But when he came to cross a bridge the guards they did implore:

The longest thing allowed across is nine feet and no more.

Sir Pythag puzzled long and hard; this problem was a quest

Until he found a carpenter to make a wooden chest

The chest was made in record time; not long did Pythag wait

The chest could cross the bridge because 'Twas eight by eight by eight

Now if you do the maths you'll see the diagonal is a line

Of length (worked out with 3D trig) roughly thirteen point nine.

That's big enough to hold the lance with room to spare of course.

But such a chest and the knight are too much for his horse."

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