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1992, 1994 and 1996



Do you have any items connected to the shows? It would be great if you could sent a photograph. There's not much here at the moment but hoping to get a large collection of items ready for the fiftieth anniversary.

Firecrackers 1 Programme

Take The Gunge Original Script

Colton Hills Theatre

A more recent view of Colton Hills Theatre. Credit: Richard Powell.


Spaceship Landing

A Team

Exercise is Good For You

Barbershop Singing

The Crazies

The Gum Boot Dance

Blue Moon

Take the Gunge

Any Dream will Do

Each Girl and Boy

Old Kids on the Street


One Two Three

Dem Bones

Mini the Moucher

Big Bopper

Yaw'm the won that I wont

Campfire Singing


Take Off

On The Run

Calendar Girl

Megastars of Pop


The Play

The Hakka

Super Mario

Let Us Pray

Sieze The Day

The Interval


Monster Mash and Great Balls!

Syncronised Swimming

Magic Box Trick

Camp Fire Singing

Get Down With The A-Team

Let it Be


LED Titles

Opening Titles

One Brick At A Time

Over The Garden Wall

Wilson, Kepple and Betty


Magic Trick

Michael Jackson Dance Competition

Black Theatre of Prague



Worlds Apart

Love Can Build A Bridge

Simon Ash And The Ash Trays

Video Dubbing

Lion King Sunrise

Hakuna Matata

Ugly Bug Ball

Hukana Matata (Reprise)

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Earth Song

Sound Effects

The Telephone Call

Who's not With Their Wife?

Who's bedroom Is This?

Tap Dancing

Improvised Song


The Hunting Song

Blue Man Tubes

Campfire Singing

Ay Caramba

Copacabana Finale


Adam Dean

Adam Hall

Al Bainbridge

Amanda Gibbons

Andrew Lea

Andrew Pike

Andrew Sealey

Andy Shepherd

Ann Burns

Anne-Marie Aubrook

Annette Mitchell

Anthony Wilkes

Bob Jones

Brenden Hall

Chris Brown

Chris Butler

Christine Jones

Christine McKechnie

Claire Hallmark

Claire Howard

Claire Tombs

Darrell Parton

Dave Green

Dave Mitchell

Dave Poulton

David Pitt

Debbie Humphries

Donna Wilson

Duncan Shermer

Emma Jones

Emma Nott

Graham Clements

Gwen Noons

Jenny Cullis

Jo Hallmark

John Payton

John Rhodes

John Tranter

John Treagust

John Woodhall

Jon Gill

Jon Ryley

Jon Springthorpe

Kevin Byrne

Kevin Parton

Kevin Price

Laura Jones

Lesley Clements

Lisa Burrows

Lisa Hughes

Lorraine Price

Louise Marsh

Lyndon Flavell

Malcolm Hughes

Margaret Thomason

Marie Banks

Martin Burns

Martin Parton

Matthew Baynham

Matthew Jones

Matthew Thomason

Michael Pugh

Mick Cripps

Mukhtar Sahota

Navjoat Sahota

Neal Quinton

Nick Cripps

Nicola Cadman

Paul Abbott

Paul Boden

Paul Hughes

Peter Thomason

Philip Noons

Ray Stanway

Richard Powell

Rob Baker

Ron Burns


Sala Thirlway

Samantha Price

Sandra Cripps

Sara Noons

Shawn Woodcock

Simon Treagust

Stephen Armstrong

Steve Bennett

Steve Cullis

Stuart Stanway

Surjit Sahota

Teresa Dicken

Tim Bailey

Tracy Linford


Firecrackers was the name given to a variety show produced by West Mercia Scout County to raise money for the Goodwill Children's' Village in South India. The show was so successful in raising money that it a sequel was produced two years later called Firecrackers 2.

Finally in February 1996, Firecrackers 3 raised more money and involved more people but was sadly to be the last of the trilogy.

The Firecrackers shows were produced by John Payton, Nick Cripps and myself. They were performed at the Colton Hills school Theatre. You will be able to find out more about the shows by clicking the links on the left.

This web site was created one nostalgic evening having watched a Firecrackers video and having drunk a bottle of wine. It is far from complete but welcomes any information from Firecrackers cast members wherever they may be now and whatever they may be doing. Please log in to add any information you can remember about that time in our history.

The spirit lives on

John Tranter
21st May 2006


Update :: May 2021

It was thirty years ago that serious planning for the first Firecrackers show began. It has taken that long for me to get round to upload the videos to YouTube but I have completed that task this week. Previously the videos were on these pages in a Flash format but as technology advanced Flash fell out of favour and a number of people let me know that they were no longer working. I had been hesitating because I knew that many of the videos contain commercial music tracks (Thriller for example) and YouTube would block them. Now the rules have changed and the copyrighted materials are allowed but the publisher reserves the right to run adverts on them. Who’d have thought that Firecrackers would have commercial breaks?

After the long, monotonous task of uploading and classifying all of the videos I received an email from You Tube saying that some of the videos contained material that is banned in some countries. The dodgy material in question is ‘Like a Virgin’, ‘Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?’ and ‘The Best’. So on behalf of all the cast and crew I would like to apologise to the Firecrackers fans in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria who will be unable to enjoy those magic moments caught on camera by the wonderful Jo Hughes (thanks again Jo).

Finally, as it has been thirty years, it would be so nice to hear from you if you were part of the show. What are you doing and where are you now? Please get in touch (I'm on Gmail, you'll be able to guess my email address) or click the Admin link on the left and enter some information on your very own Firecrackers page.

John Tranter
28th May 2021



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