Firecrackers was the name given to a variety show produced by West Mercia Scout County to raise money for the Goodwill Children's' Village in South India. The show was so successful in raising money that it a sequel was produced two years later called Firecrackers 2.

Finally in February 1996, Firecrackers 3 raised more money and involved more people but was sadly to be the last of the trilogy.

The Firecrackers shows were produced by John Payton, Nick Cripps and John Tranter. They were performed at the Colton Hills school Theatre. You will be able to find out more about the shows by clicking the links on the left.

This web site was produced one nostalgic evening having watched a Firecrackers video and having drunk a bottle of wine. It is far from complete but welcomes any information from Firecrackers cast members wherever they may be now and whatever they may be doing. Please log in to add any information you can remember about that time in our history.

The spirit lives on

John Tranter
21st May 2006




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