Congruent Snap





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This is a game for two players, P and Q. As the cards appear, if they are a matching pair there is a race to say 'snap' and to press the p or q key on the keyboard (or touch a yellow button above if using a tablet, slate or iPad.).
One point is earned for a correct snap but a point is subtracted for a mistake. The first player to score twenty is the winner.


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Nick Staples, Waipahu Intermediate

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

"Love the concept of teacher vs the whole class as a finisher activity, to end the lesson on a high positive note but I would like to able to stack the odds in my favor with the students always confident of winning is there a way I can play against the class with them on the chromebooks and me on my laptop and projecting the score on the whiteboard the tug of war is great but you can only have 2 players and they are both on the same computer is that right? Any thoughts on feasibility would be appreciated

[Transum: Nice idea Nick but I'm afraid that you are right in saying that both players have to be on the same computer. If you had a wireless mouse that a pupil could use that might achieve your objective. Not sure about stacking the odds in your favour though!]"

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