1998 Diary


1st June


Welcome to the sunny month of June, my last in Singapore

I've just added a web pager to my homepage so you can see if I'm online and send me a live message!

What did I have for dinner this evening?

Tonight's dinner

2nd June

Good Luck to my GCSE maths class. First exam today.

I've started the process of leaving Singapore... sad. I changed my home address with the bank to my UK address and started to get quotes from removal companies. Trying to use up the tins in my cupboard so had baked beans, rice pudding and sweetcorn for dinner this evening :-(

3rd June

Good Luck to my GCSE maths class. Second paper today.

A little gem from Shep...

"How about a joke (some get it, other don't)...

What did the slug say to the snail?

- Big Issue?"

4th June


Good Luck to my A level maths class. Exam today


A Level Maths class

5th June


Sad but true:

My page counter tells me that people read this diary from the following countries:

United Kingdom

Hello World :-)

6th June

The leaver's parties have started in earnest (can't find earnest on the Singapore map though!). Yesterday all middle school teachers started on the gin and tonics at 3pm!! Tonight is another dinner followed by a late late party for leavers. Still two weeks of this to go ...

Meal was a traditional Chinese banquet  in the Orchard Hotel (posh)... lots of different courses including lotus soup ... chunks of emu meat to dip in various sauces... and the usual unrecognisable dead aquatic creatures!

7th June

Most of today spent starting to pack ready for the big move.

8th June

Imagine a multi-storey car park with three levels underground. Imagine the bottom level at night ... empty and with no lights. Dark eh?

Here's a picture to help your imagination:

carpark.jpg (11924 bytes)

Why did I take this picture? Well just to show you where the workers on the building site opposite my house are living now. I was taken down there this evening. Quite spooky descending into the darkness but as I reached the bottom level I could hear the sizzling and smell the tantalising aromas of Indian food being cooked. Perhaps about a hundred men dressed in their lunghis settling down for their evening meal way down below the streets of Singapore.

You don't see these sites on the official Singapore tour!


9th June

So after being in the deepest depths of the earth last night, this evening Alison and I had cocktails at the top of the tallest hotel in the world! The view was stunning, gradually changing from daylight through dusk to night time when the city illuminated itself more lights than a Blackpool tram (that big one that looks like a rocket!)

10th June

I suppose working at an international school makes one become quite patriotic for the home country, particularly as the biggest football competition of all time begins in France. Good luck to England...


11th June

  Guess what I just got on VCD?

12th June

  Thanks Nick for the following fascinating fact:

"If you want to make some easy money here's who to put your money on in the World Cup. It goes like this:

Brazil last won the world cup in 1994.
Before that they had last won it in 1970.
If you add 1970 and 1994 you get 3964.

Argentina last won the world cup in 1986.
Before that the last time they won it was in 1978.
If you add 1986 and 1978 you get 3964 as well.

Germany last won the world cup in 1990.
The previous time they won it was in 1974.
Add these and you get 3964 again.

Now it gets really spooky.
England last won the world cup in 1966.
Subtract this from 3964.................
you're right.......

P.S. The Netherlands have never won the World Cup so they'll probably win it in the year 3964.


13th June

All the International schools here in Singapore competed at an interschool sports day. All I can say is that it is not the winning but the taking part that counts! :-(

14th June

Spent whole day packing. it's not the packing that takes the time, it's the reading of things you forgot you had ... and all the other little sidetracks you can't help taking. For example I've just read all last year's Christmas cards before throwing them out.

Then there's calculating how many cubic feet you are taking up. Did you realise there are 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot?

15th June

Where is my money going?

dollar.jpg (22097 bytes)

16th June

Afternoon high tea for Grade 8 Students and Staff at the Goodwood Park Hotel.

17th June

High School Prom at the American Club. Just like in Grease.

18th June

Final Staff afternoon tea, farewell speeches etc.

19th June

Last day at the International School Singapore.... very sad. High School Graduation Ceremony.

Graduation Portraits

20th June

Flying to Thailand (to visit my new school) then back to UK on 23rd June


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