Andy Shepherd

Nick name: Shep
After many years working for the Scout Association Shep is now the Witherspoons mystery customer. Still living in Lilac Cottage, Shep is available online into the wee small hours of the morning after the rest of the world has long gone to bed.

Despite receiving a tap on the shoulder for his singing early in his performing career Shep was not discouraged. He is the first to dress up and perform at any occasion and has a wonderful sense of humour.

Shep continues to be a great supporter of St. Kenelm's Scout Group based in Romsley in North Worcestershire and never misses a chance to take part in other Scouting events such as BrumJam at which he edited the daily newsletter.

Andy performed in the following items:

A Team
Sound Effects
Take the Gunge
Campfire Singing

This is all the information we have about Andy Shepherd. Please let us know if there is anything else about Andy we could put on this web site. Where are they now?