Dave Green

Nick name: Greeny
Greeny (The Big Bopper) will always be the Firecrackers' Good Egg.

Not only did Greeny perform on stage (most memorably with JR in Hakuna Matata) but he also did a lot of the running around behind the scenes and without his help the show would not have come together as it did.

He still lives in Dilloways Lane but loves to travel. He has a room with his name on in the Tower of London and his frequent flyer miles are in quadrupal figures.

In his spare time Greeny likes to drive, cook wholesome foods, sing and he also manages a chicken ranch!

The photograph shows him enjoying Life.

Dave performed in the following items:

A Team
Exercise is Good For You
Big Bopper
Hakuna Matata
Hukana Matata (Reprise)
Calendar Girl
The Hakka
Syncronised Swimming

This is all the information we have about Dave Green. Please let us know if there is anything else about Dave we could put on this web site. Where are they now?