John Payton

Notes:: One of the three Producers
JP is still to be seen enjoying life to the full with his wife Carol in their beautiful house in Great Barr. JP's family is getting bigger as Sam and Matt have ventured into the big world and JP is currently training to be a grandfather.

It is probably not necessary to mention here that JP supports a football team from the West Bromwich area but the fact is he does ... very, very much!

JP is a great Facebook fan and his posts are really regular. So regular you can set your watch calendar by them. The next one is due in two years time.

JP is still available for bookings as the life and soul of any party, campfire or show.

Update in late 2016: JP is now a grandfather to Sam's boy, Joseph Neil Carrick

John performed in the following items:

One Brick At A Time
Magic Trick
Michael Jackson Dance Competition
A Team
Take the Gunge
One Two Three
Campfire Singing
Megastars of Pop
The Play
Sound Effects
Exercise is Good For You

This is all the information we have about John Payton. Please let us know if there is anything else about John we could put on this web site. Where are they now?