Nick Cripps

Nick name: Sumo
Notes:: One of the three Producers
After his initial exposure as a vocal talent in Firecrackers Nick went on to become a professional singer. Still to this day he can be seen pulling in the crowds at the trendy nightclubs in southern Spain where he now lives.

Nick is available for professional engagements, weddings, barmitzvahs and rock festivals.

When not singing Nick enjoys playing golf wearing two pairs of socks (just in case he gets a hole in one!). He has held the role of captain and is always up for a game.

Nick still follows a football team from the West Midlands that you might have heard of.

Nice shirt Nick!

Nick performed in the following items:

One Brick At A Time
A Team
Monster Mash and Great Balls!
Mini the Moucher
Yaw'm the won that I wont

This is all the information we have about Nick Cripps. Please let us know if there is anything else about Nick we could put on this web site. Where are they now?