There are 366 different Starters of The Day, many to choose from. You will find below some starters on the topic of Algebra. A lesson starter does not have to be on the same topic as the main part of the lesson or the topic of the previous lesson. It is often very useful to revise or explore other concepts by using a starter based on a totally different area of Mathematics.

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Algebra Starters:

Add 'em

Add up a sequence of consecutive numbers. Can you find a quick way to do it?


This lesson starter requires pupils to find the missing numbers in this partly completed arithmagon puzzle.


You have four minutes to write down as many equations as you can involving B, T and S.


Calculate the total cost of four cars from the information given.


Work out the number of chin ups the characters do on the last day of the week give information about averages.

Christmas Presents

Work out the total cost of five Christmas presents from the information given.

Connecting Rules

Give 20 rules connecting x and y given their values.


The height of this giraffe is three and a half metres plus half of its height. How tall is the giraffe?

Half Hearted

Find the number which when added to the top (numerator) and bottom (denominator) of each fraction make it equivalent to one half.

Khmer's Homework

Check a student's homework. If you find any of the answers are wrong write down a sentence or two explaining what he did wrong.

Know Weigh

Find the weight of one cuboid (by division) of each colour then add your answers together.

Lemon Law

Change the numbers on the apples so that the number on the lemon is the given total.

Less Than

This mathematics lesson starter invites pupils to interpret a three part algebraic inequality.

Light Shopping

A lamp and a bulb together cost 32 pounds. The lamp costs 30 pounds more than the bulb. How much does the bulb cost?

Missing Lengths

Introduce linear equations by solving these problems about lengths.

Mystic Maths

Work out why subtracting a two digit number from its reverse gives a multiple of nine.

Negative Vibes

Practise techniques for answering questions involving negative numbers.


Which algebraic expression is the odd one out?

Planet Numpair

The sum and product are given, can you find the two numbers?


You have four minutes to write down as many equations as you can involving the given letters.

Pyramid Puzzle

Arrange numbers at the bottom of the pyramid which will give the largest total at the top.

Rabbits and Chickens

There are some rabbits and chickens in a field. Calculate how many of each given the number of heads and feet.

Rail Weigh

Record the weights of the trains to work out the weight of a locomotive and a coach. A real situation which produces simultaneous equations.

Refreshing Revision

It is called Refreshing Revision because every time you refresh the page you get different revision questions.

Same Same

A problem involving two people's ages which can be solved using algebra.

Santa's Sleigh

Work out the number of clowns and horses given the number of heads and feet.

Sea Shells

A question which can be best answered by using algebra.

Simultaneous Occasions

A problem which can best be solved as a pair of simultaneous equations.

Stable Scales

Solve these balance puzzles by taking the same away from both sides. An introduction to linear equations.

Sum of the Signs

Each traffic sign stands for a number. Some of the sums of rows and columns are shown. What numbers might the signs stand for?

Summer Holidays

How many children and how many donkeys are on the beach? You can work it out from the number of heads and the number of feet!

Think Back

A problem which can be answered by forming an algebraic equation then solving it.


THOAN stands for 'Think of a number' and there are four randomly generated THOAN puzzles to solve.

Ticker News

A Think Of A Number problem presented as a news ticker.

Advanced Algebra Starters


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